Health and Safety

Health and Safety at Work

Dickens & Wedge is committed to safe guarding the health safety and welfare of all its employees, visitor, and other who may be affected by our operations.

The company will so far as is reasonably practicable take all preventative measures and actions necessary to ensure compliance with any current and emerging legislation. Foreman will ensure that the health and safety policy and it implementation is monitored on a regular basis, through audit and checks.

All employees are responsible for adhering to this policy and any health and safety procedure, practice or rule relating to their duties. Employees are also responsible for promptly reporting any potential health and safety concerns or hazards which they have identified through the course of their work, and co-operating with management in achieving the objects of this policy

Planned risk assessments will be carried out by competent persons to identify and record potential sources of hazards and risks. Action plans to eliminate or reduce the effects of these hazards to an acceptable level shall be drawn up by the company and implemented in a timely manner under the control of the company safety representative.

Specific company rules and regulations which are the direct responsibility of employees shall be issued to those personnel and shall be updated as required. To ensure that these arrangements are implemented in practice, periodic audits / checks and inspections shall be carried out.

Dickens & Wedge ensures through safety briefings and induction all staff is aware of the contents of our health and safety policy. The policy will be reviewed at a frequency not exceeding 6 monthly, or following any accident / incident which could impact upon it.